GEEK OUT! Bioshock Infinite

From the seas surrounding the (FAILED) Utopia of Rapture Bioshock now takes us to the floating air city of Columbia (described as a Victorian-era Death Star!!!!), circa 1912. Steampunk dreams were made of such things!! Not a prequel exactly but something that does in someway directly relate to the first Bioshock installment (and it's sequel) . As some of my readers know while I'm a self professed hardcore nerd loving horror movies, comic books and difficult music I'm only a casual video gamer.  But the mix of high concept vaguely steampunk science fiction with the gorgeous art deco renderings of the undersea city of Rapture completely sucked me in despite it being a so-called first person shooter.It was more than that.   It was terrifying, and smart and gorgeous. For full disclosure though i have such a fear of heights that even heights simulated in video games tend to make me queasy as all get out.  So  I sat white knuckled through the teaser trailer for the latest installment of the venerable and growing Bioshock franchise.  It's REALLY high up.

Check it out after the jump.

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