About Andrew Klaus

"An Art Porn Auteur"
Just Out

a strong visual style and narrative tendencies"
Bruce La Bruce (Filmmaker, artist)

"Evoking Kenneth Anger and Floria Sigismondi, Klaus is able to rend a delicate and exquisite beauty out of the ugly margin of the world. By turns seductive and confrontational, his work is as frightening as a lighting storm, and just as powerfully electric."
Nick Mattos (writer)

"[Klaus has ] ... highly trained artistic sensibilities"
The Feminist Review

" beautifully crafted" -Colby Keller , Big Shoe Diaries

" [Klaus' work ] does what breakthrough art is supposed to do: it stimulates, provokes, and challenges. It evokes a mood and attitude, by being just translucent enough to hint at a possible point of view without overt statement.
Jim Dittmer (art critic and curator.)

".. very mesmerizing work."
Byron Beck (columnist and critic)

 Writer, filmmaker, visual artist, musician, critic and journalist. I've come from the backwoods of Georgia, spent a decade in the Pacific Northwest, traveled over the North Pole, wandered through Europe, trekked around Iceland. I've authored a graphic novel (Godless in 2005), directed a feature film on the streets and in the back rooms of Paris and played tons of shows with my band Mattachine Social.

My work has been screened in Spain, France, Brazil, Canada, The United States and Britain.
I'm crazy happily married to my soul mate. I love animals more than people, friends are family, monster movies, gourmet food, great books, difficult music, and always moving forward.