Required Viewing : Antichrist (dir. Lars Von Trier 2009)

Perhaps one of the finest and most profoundly disturbing art-horror films ever conceived. It is a stunning, harrowing portrait of grief and obsession, of madness and mutilation. Antichrist infuriated audiences and shocked critics. Charlotte Gainsbourg rightfully walked away from the Cannes film festival withe the Best Actress Award (though isn't she always the best?). Directed by Lars Von Trier during a self admitted bought of terrible crippling depression the film is a black-hearted and surrealist fable of He (Willam DaFoe) and She (Charlotte Gainsbourg) reeling from the death of their infant son and their literal fall from Eden (their secluded cabin in the woods where all manner of ghastly things occur)

A profoundly serious and grotesque masterpiece, it also so boast rapturously beautiful cinematography, raw and powerful performances and brilliant direction. 

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