Mattachine Social- Vacancy

This is all shameless self-promotion:

Mattachine Social, my very own electrorock band, has a new ep coming out this month called Vacancy. Produced by the stellar Jesse Holt in Seattle, WA at the equally fantastic Remixlab studios  (where we are currently finishing off our full length debut). 

Vacancy is a set of more introspective, trip-hop influenced songs culled from our recordings working on the upcoming record (at one point the ep was nearly called SAD SONGS, which I rather liked) .
We thought we'd give everyone a sneak peek,


Inspired by the life and death of Michael Llewellyn-Davies  (all those boys sadden me really) this call and response plaintive ballad has gone from capping off our sets in a lo-fi dream pop way to being elevated here as possibly the saddest song Justin and I have written together (YET!)  but still manages to find a sensual groove to crawl along the bedroom floor snaking its way to you. 
Let us know what you think. 

photo by Holly Andres

Next up Mattachine Social hits the stage at  PrideNW  (Portland Pride) along with Goddess and She, The Cliks, ANT and ANDY BELL of Earasure (!!!!) on SUNDAY June 16th !


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