Currently on heavy rotation in my life is compositions by neofolk musician Woodkid,stage name for the Frenchman Yoann Lemoine.  Sonically like the strange love child of Antony Hegarty and Patrick Wolf, Woodkid's songs are epic compositions of acoustic grace and full blown baroque orchestration  with subtle electronic flourishes. His somber and epic black and white videos enhance the sensory overload his music provides.

     Lemoine is a a sought after graphic designer, art director and music video director in addition to his impeccable song craft. He's helmed such mainstream success as "Teenage Dream" for Katy Perry, "Born to Die" for Lana Del Rey and "Back to December " for Taylor Swift.  

   None of those pop tunes can prepare you for Woodkid's own soundscapes however, and that is a very good thing. His keen eye for detail unspools across track after track on his debut ep Iron and in perfect form on the full lp THE GOLDEN AGE.

Check out a section of his singles after the jump.

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