Zac Efron nude (again)

Zac Efron I understand some people find him alluring in some way but nothing he has ever done has struck me with any sincerity whatsoever.He feels like a closeted celebrity fame seeker who trades on his looks over any real  commitment to quality (New Years Eve? dear god no)  Sorry, just my take on him. Not a fan.

As he's become more of an adult his attempts at being a leading man have manifested in a series of middle of the road romantic dramas (the exception being Lee Daniels hot hot mess The Paperboy) and getting caught naked by the paparazzi. He acts all shocked, but um,  if you don't want to be seen don't change clothes on your balcony in down town.

 It just sorta feels oddly calculated to boost his appeal. and I guess it works to some degree, as he soldiers on.

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