Hemlock Grove

On the heels of the success of Netflix original series like the excellent David Fincher/Kevin Spacey political thriller House of Cards comes the supernatural horror-drama Hemlock Grove from actor-director and splat pack member Eli Roth (dir. Hostel 1 and 2, Cabin Fever, actor in Inglorious Basterds).

The show set in the fictional town of Hemlock Grove concerns the murder of  a young girl, mounting suspension and the search for her killer BY the two prime suspects (oh one of whom is rumored to be  a werewolf because he's gypsy or something...)
 While not always the biggest fan of Roth's work I'm keen to see him take on the supernatural and  with Famke Janssen, Lili Taylor, Bill Skarsgård (god there a lot of those kids, Stellan keep it in your pants buddy)  and music by Hans Zimmer protegé Nathan Barr (composer on HBO's  sweaty and bloody True Blood) I'm on board.

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