Gentleman Reg- Waiting Around For Gold

As a long time fan of queer Canadian rocker Gentleman Reg a new album is always an exciting prospect. His jangly guitars and singular, breathy voice has lead to many a sing-a-longs in the shower (the Boyfriend Song, It's Not Safe are two particularly good ones for such occasions) and the new record promises to be no exception. "Waiting around for Gold" the lead single from Leisure Life is one of those tracks where you hear the lyrics and immediately wish you had written them. So direct and so honest but still poetic and musical.

Leisure Life  Gentleman Reg's follow up to 2009's excellent Jet Black was released as three eps then compiled into a condensed version for a full album release- similar to the way Swedish indiepop star Robyn released her brilliant album Body Talk in 2010 .

Truthfully I'm a tad on the fence about the clip that accompanies the single. I'm not sure why it doesn't quite connect for me, but the song itself is gold. 

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