Delusions Of Righteousness

I started writing something about this whole Bin Laden thing several times, but it was hard to come up with something publishable. It was either too long and contemplative, or too hokey and cavalier and everywhere along that spectrum.

But having now read, and digested, the worldwide reaction to this news there is one common thread I picked up on. That's the thread of assholeness.

Despite overwhelming praise, there remain so many people who have some kind of problem with this. Now, I don't have much beef with the good struggling people in, say, Turkmenistan, who don't feel particularly celebratory right now. I have a problem with spoiled Western brats who take time out of their privileged lives to criticize the recent operation in any way.

I feel like I am - mostly - a bona fide liberal whose political views would seem heresy to many "red-blooded" Americans. But I'll proudly adopt the banner of said red-blooded-ness to support and celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden.

People who make political criticisms out of something like this show their colors; people separated from harsh reality, sitting in slobbish undeserved comfort, willing to dispense casual criticism to the most elite fellow citizens who go through things most people can't imagine.

If you have ever found yourself in a position of having to choose between running into roaring flames to die versus jumping 80 floors to your quicker death, AND you survive, then I'd say your criticisms hold more water. Until then, fuck anybody who's got a problem with the Seals or their recent operation.

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