Spark Catches Fire- New Cast Members Join Dark, Experimental Drama.

Model and Actor Connor Kent joins the cast of Spark


  Connor  Kent will play the role of Marc, one half of a couple of enabling "friends with benefits" in the controversial feature film Spark.  

   Spark tells the unconventional story of an artist and writer who's downward spiral of sex addiction and depression lands him in rehab after a failed suicide attempt.  There he recounts his misadventures to his therapist as he tries to make sense of his mental breakdown and  find a way to reconnect with the person he loves.

The sexually explicit dark drama has been shooting on location  around the globe in Portland, Oregon; Reykjavik, Iceland;  and Paris, France and features new music from Former Ghosts, Monolith,  Lovers of the Arctic Circle, Swallows, Mattachine Social, A is for Accident and more....

Another shot of beefcake actor Connor Kent after the jump.

Connor Kent

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