Zeb Atlas - 'Roids On The Radio?

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Oh My God! What the fuck? --that was my first response.

Portland's own home town boy puts Portlandia's mocking to shame. Zeb Atlas, aging adult film star, has decided that maybe after fucking for a living he should become a "pop" star a la Colton Ford. He appears to have stumbled into a recording studio to cover Diana Ross' "Love Hangover"--already a questionable choice--and churned out a mesmerizing train wreck of a music video.

This is Zeb Atlas' sexy face?

Is it his overly steroid-ed body that is the car crash stare-inducer? His "dancing"? Is it the strange simian glare he gives the camera that looks like he's defecating more than seducing? The back up talent who look soooo disinterested that its comical really cap off this mess. It all seems like a lost unfunny SNL digital short rather than a real attempt at being taken seriously as an, dare I say it, artist. Watch the video if you dare!


Anonymous said...

That was painful... I mean painful! He needs to just stick to fucking and call it a day. This is why he went into the porn business to begin with (nothing else going for him.)

Holly said...

What's up with the yellow bathwater? It looks like he took a mondo piss after guzzling a bunch of vitamins and gatorade.

In the clips where he was wearing the gray shirt, the sunglasses an headphones, I think he was trying to imitate Brad Pitt, with that lopsided grimace/grin. But nobody can be Pitt but Pitt!