Editor's Favorites of 2010

Your curator/moderator/editor-in-chief Andrew Klaus

Good-bye 2010, you won't really be missed....

The first decade of the twenty-first century was kind of a doozy wouldn't you agree- war, famine, economic catastrophe, Britney Spears shaved her head! 

   And for this writer personally 2010 was a bittersweet year full of a series of devastating events that were capped off with a string of unbelievable achievements. So here's a (very) brief look back at the mass consumed arts of 2010 that made me perk up and take notice! 

(I'm purposely not mentioning King's Speech, The Social Network, True Grit, etc...Black Swan being the exception of the expected awards films)
1. Black Swan ( Best "genre" film this year-Stunning camera work, performances, smart, sexy, and scary)
2. The Kids Are All Right (Best script involving sperm donors all year!)
3. How To Train Your Dragon (Adorable and Oddly Compelling Fable)
4. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (The Millennium Trilogy as a whole was fairly solid)
5. Inception (Best use of Recycling Ideas-i.e. Paprika, Until The End of the World, Dark City)
6. Alice In Wonderland (for animation/live action blend)
7. Piranha 3D (Selected as Best guilty pleasure)
8. Despicable Me (Best "unexpected parent" film of the year)
9. Winter's Bone (Best Breakthrough drama)
10. Scott Pilgrim VS The World (Most Entertaining Film of the Year)


1. Armistead Maupin- Mary Anne In Autumn
2. Michael Cunningham- By Nightfall
3. John Ajvide Lindqvist -Handling the Undead (Finally translated to English!)
4. Patti Smith - Just Kids
5. Piers Dungeon - Neverland: J.M, Barrie, The DuMauriers, and The Dark Side of Peter Pan


1. Arcade Fire- The Suburbs
2. Robyn - Body Talk (parts 1-3)
3. Yeasayer- Odd Blood

4. Cee-Lo Green- The Lady Killer
5. Janelle Monae- The Archandroid
6. Gorillaz- Plastic Beach
7. Owen Pallett- Heartland
8. M.I.A.- Maya
9. Sufjan Stephens- The Age of Adz
10. Jónsi- Go

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