Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under

   With The Dresden Dolls on indefinite hiatus, Amanda Fucking Palmer (as she likes to be referred to) has been busy cranking out the impeccably diverse and impressive solo hits and side projects. First up was her critically acclaimed solo debut Who Killed Amanda Palmer? which was made in conjunction with a book and a video for each song. Along the way she befriended wildly talented creative genius and author Neil Gaiman (Sandman, Coraline, Stardust, American Gods, The Graveyard Book...), to whom she is now married (sidenote--they were married in Michael Chabon's parlor--officially coolest wedding ever).  She released a record as one-half of a purported pair of conjoined twins Evelyn Evelyn, and an e.p. of Radiohead covers on the ukulele before jetting off on a tour of Oceania. 

Touring Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand* inspired Palmer to write and record a (mostly) live album of cabaret style songs and a few covers that form and auditory travelogue of  the world down under.  The twelve songs are at times introspective and frank ("New Zealand"), hysterically witty ("Vegemite (Black Death)") and one song in particular, a collaboration with Young Punx,  "Map of Tasmania" is perhaps the catchiest song ever written about pubic hair and grooming.  Guest spots include her Dresden Doll cohort Brian Viglione, the aforementioned Young Punx, the Jane Austen Argument, and Mikelangelo with Lance Horne makes for the best sixty-nine cents you'll possibly spend... Whats that? YES, your read that right!  The entire album is for sale or download on Bandcamp for a meager sixty nine cents as a love letter to Down Under.  BUY IT NOW NOW NOW!!!!

Watch the killer video for "Map of Tasmania" after the jump.

* spell check doesn't believe New Zealand is real- seriously!

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