Trevor Knight: Sex is an Art (pt.1) NSFW

They say you have to use the gifts you're given to make it in this world. Well, if this is true, adult film actor Trevor Knight certainly has. He's gone from a mild-mannered Boston area nurse to an award-winning porn star and has managed to stay grounded and not lose himself like so many others in the fame machine. In the United States, pornography is a dirty word despite the fact it is a multi-billion dollar industry that contributes to the global economy and it's "product" is consumed by MOST Americans . Porn is so mainstream that, for the first time since it's heyday in the 1970's, adult film actors are crossing over into mainstream films and other projects. Gay porn legend Colton Ford is now a pop star; Sasha Grey was the star of acclaimed director Stephen Soderbergh's film The Girlfriend Experience; Brent Corrigan has been cropping up EVERYWHERE. Could Trevor Knight be the next crossover star?

To 29-year-old Trevor Knight, sex is an art and he's honed his skills quite well. What pornography offers is escapism and sexual liberation on a fundamental level, but-like all industry-there is a dark side which Knight is well aware (more on that in part two) . I talked to Knight about how being a recognizable star in the adult film industry has affected his personal life and how that has been integrated into this Boston-boy's close family in part one of my profile of this outspoken and charming rising star.

Diggin' to China Morning.
Trevor: Morning.
DtC : Thanks again for doing this interview; I know you have a crazy busy schedule this week.
Trevor: It's rough, but it's no problem at all. I'm an open book. I can't be censored.
DtC: You've been in the adult film industry for a while now. Have you seen it change much in the last few years?
Trevor: Well, I've only been doing it since 2002, but it has changed A LOT. The type of guys has changed 100%.
DtC: Do you feel it's a positive change?
Trevor: When I started, you needed to be a GOD in all forms. You needed to stop the room when you walked into it. NOW... anyone can be a porn star.
DtC: Adult film actors are becoming celebrities on a mainstream level. Do you feel gay porn stars are the next crossover acts?
Trevor: They should be able to. I've heard first hand from some of Hollywood's big directors that because I made porn, I will not be able to do mainstream. I think that's BS.
DtC: I think that's an interesting paradox because I'm sure some of those directors are fans of your work.
Trevor: LOL. That's why I've been able to talk with them, cuz they are fans. I can act ten times better than any actor on the afternoon soap operas. You ever see those shows? LOL.
DtC: Oh, yes. I work from home, so-sadly-yes, I have and yes, yes you can.
DtC: So, how does a nice Boston boy who does adult films for a living balance the persona of Trevor Knight, with the real man behind that? It seems some guys have a hard time balancing the real "them" from the "actor."
Trevor: It is hard.. honestly. In my own house, I can be the real me but, once I step foot outside my front door, I have to roll with the punches of being a public person.
DtC: I know you have a twin; that's usually a pretty intensely close relationship. Does your family know what you do?
Trevor: Ohhh, they do know what I do. They really didn't want me to when I first started. There are HUGE stereotypes that they feared.
DtC: Have you changed their perception of the industry?
Trevor: After doing it as long as I have, made the money I have and seen the world (while keeping my head on my shoulders), they really can't say many bad things any more. I have changed their ideas of what a porn star is or does.
DtC: Personally I can relate to that as I'm a film maker who uses real sex in my films and let's just say my family has um, some issues with my work.
Trevor: Sex is an art. It's odd to hear it like that, but it's a beautiful thing.
DtC: Agreed. How long do you see yourself working in front of the camera?
Trevor: I will continue to make movies 'til they stop calling or... my boyfriend wants me to.
DtC: It's not easy--work is work--I've been in front of the camera in this current film and you guys DESERVE the praise you get. You are currently single, yes? I seem to recall a recent breakup.
Trevor: No, I'm dating again. I did break up with someone a few months ago, after five years with him.
DtC: That is never easy. Sorry to hear that.
Trevor: It's okay. I learned from him and he learned from me, good or bad. It was a learning experience I will take with me forever. I have no regrets. EVER.
DtC: Good to hear. So what do you look for in a partner?
Trevor: Ya know, my job has been to fuck AMAZINGLY hot guys for years, so when it comes down to how I will date, the obvious sexy ass or hot body is not really important. I like teeth and eyes! LOL Show me some beautiful blue or green eyes and white teeth and I'M YOURS! LOL. They will never show age, the eyes. My boy right now had the most amazing eyes I have ever seen. I couldn't talk when he FIRST looked at me.
DtC: Aww, someone is smitten.
Trevor: I am smitten. WOOF! LOL.
DtC: What's an immediate deal breaker?
Trevor: That they want to "sleep with the porn star."
DtC: It seems that a lot of people would have a hard time understanding "work" versus "play." Any bad experiences from people not understanding Trevor Knight "actor" versus "you" the man?
Trevor: No...not really...If I'm in public, it's JUST Trevor there. When I'm home, it's the real me and I keep them very separate. I can't even tell you how many people say they can watch me change into "TREVOR" it gets a lil' creepy to them. It's normal to me.
Read more about Trevor Knight, the dark side of the porn industry working with straight Gay-for-Pay men and a lot of insider gossip on his co-stars in part two of Trevor Knight: Sex is an Art .

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