Christine O'Donnell : Witch (?!)

     So um, yeah, awkward....  Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell (the 41 year old pro-abstinence , anti-gay, anti-marriage equality, anti-civil rights, anti-masturbation star of Sex in the 90's on MTV who even said she'd tell Hitler where Anne Frank was because she couldn't lie!) once admitted to Bill Mahr, Jamie Kennedy and Clive Barker(!!), among others that she was a witch and had gone on a picnic at a "Satanic Alter" ...seriously. Bill Mahr has not forgotten she said this on Politically Incorrect back in the late 90s before she was groomed to be Sarah Palin-lite. So what we have here is a arch-conservative, anti-gay, antisemitic liar playing up the "folksy" charms of Sarah Palin  to get elected and who seems to forget she came of age during the first run of reality television and all of her soapbox-y stumps speeches will live on in the digital age forever.  Really, any time Christine O'Donnell opened her GIGANTIC MOUTH (see above) she gave amazing sound bites. The question is will these often times controversial and seemingly antiquated sound bites effect her poll numbers with her supports. We've seen repeatedly the Tea Party is largely (but to be fair not entirely) fueled by racism, willful ignorance, homophobia, and deep religious convictions with no room for compromise. She seems poised to channel that, but her witch-y comments might ruffle some feathers, and well, are also clearly, a total lie-there by contradicting her self-righteous God-will-save-the-Jews-if-he-sees-fit I-can-not-tell-a-lie stance

Check out a few of her MANY shocking statements on camera after the jump.

I really enjoy Bill Mahr blackmailing her to come on his show.  She should, she should face the music and remember her roots, just like once a week someone on the view should remind Elizabeth Hasselbeck that she's just some blonde bitch from Survivor (and replaceable).

Rachel Maddow reminding Christine about S.A.L.T.

and Christine telling Eddie Izzard she's turn Anne Frank over to Hitler and let God sort it out...

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Anonymous said...

DtC, the problem with this freakshow is, and are many! First of all that the media even give her the time of day.. telling.

Second, all this stuff she has said in the past will matter nothing at all as her lemming like audience says things (to themselves like) "well, she may be a witch that kills babies but by golly she hates the gayz so shes okay with me and my friends.."

Good lord. Most of the world looks at American politics and wonders how the crazy people got in charge.