Breakfast Club 25-Year Reunion on Good Morning America Part One and Two

It has been 25 years since John Hughes' classic The Breakfast Club cemented the stardom of its cast and empowered generations of teens with a cinematic touchstone. In light of the film's anniversary and in tribute to its writer director Hughes, who died at a relatively spry 59 in August of last year, the cast (minus Emilio Estevez who was busy "working") attended an event at the Film Society For Lincoln Center and stopped by the GMA set to reminisce.

The video of the interview appears after the break.

In the interview, the cast remembers their connection to the film, the genius of John Hughes, Allie Sheedy's Captain Crunch-wich, Molly Ringwald's lipstick party trick, and Anthony Hall (no Michael now) demonstrates how lacking in self-awareness he is when he deems himself the least like his character (much to Ally Sheedy's amusement).

Both Sheedy and Nelson have worked with the cast of USA television show Psych and I hope the cast's obvious camaraderie will lead to more cameos by 80s stars on this solid show. What are your memories of this iconic film and your future hopes for its cast?

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A Lewis said...

Oh boy. You've clearly reminded me that I remember the ORIGINAL Breakfast Club. Man oh man, I thought those boys were c-uuuu-ttteeeee.