PIVOT (part 1)

One of the most important things responsible man (or woman actually) can do in this world is get tested regularly for HIV and as well as other STDs.  As  community gay men have felt the indescribable ravages of HIV/AIDS for decades. Now with the advent of the inhibitors and other anti-virals extending  and restoring as semblance of normalcy to the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS many young people seem to think  safe sex is optional and getting tested is not a necessity. And they are WRONG.  I recently had the honor of shooting a brief set of video pieces for PIVOT Portland Oregon's health resource community center focused on men who have sex with men, regardless of sexual orientation.

Check them out after the Jump. 

then check out www.pivotpdx.org/ 

Get Tested. 
Play Safe. 

Michel LaClair  Manager of Prevention Services took the time to explain the recent rebranding of the Men's Wellness Center to Pivot as well as takes on a tour of there lovely Downtown Portland Facility.

PIVOT (PSA1) from Andrew Klaus on Vimeo.

PIVOT (Tour PSA 2) from Andrew Klaus on Vimeo.

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