Geek Out: iPad. A review, sort of.

About that iPad thing. You know, the one that looks like a blown up iPhone. Well, after about a week of having one, that is pretty much exactly what it is. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing. This seeming weakness may in fact be its strongest asset.

I would in no way label myself an apple fan boy, and in the case of the iPad, I really found myself on the fence about it, like so many others. It took the near complete breakdown of the household laptop for me to jump in with this device. And despite my initial fears, the iPad has proven itself to be an astounding little machine.

If you have any previous experience with a smartphone, the device is very simple to use and like all apple products, the way you go about navigating it is streamlined and well designed. The screen itself has a rich display and plays up well to the devices two main uses, internet and video. Don't expect much more from this tablet though. I would not recommend this as your only computer, this should be an ancillary machine. What it does it does well, but is extremely limited.

The app store is also a strong attribute to this device. All iPhone apps work with it and a number of well received apps are starting to appear that are designed for the iPad and take advantage of its much larger screen. You must be warned though, when running an app, only one can be open at a time. Currently there is no multitasking, however this will be added in the fall with the OS4 upgrade.

A major issue with the device as it is, is its inability to play flash. The iPad uses html5 and due to the spat between Apple and Adobe, there will be no flash capability in the forseeable future. However, most major sites like Youtube have all their new videos coded for html5.

Overall, despite my love for the design of apple products, I would mark this as a wait and see item. Like all apple products version 2.0 is bound to be much better. I would only pick this up of you were like me, and trying to find a replacement for a living room laptop.

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