Ransom @ Rotture

Start Time:
Friday, July 2, 2010 at 9:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, July 3, 2010 at 2:00am
Rotture 315 SE 3rd ave Portland Oregon

Queer hot madness and mayhem is back for the 3Rd edition!!!
Uniforms,Leather,Togas,Boxers,Briefs,Jeans,Shorts you get the picture its a free for all where what ya want and get down and dirty...hot and sweaty...Bearded Boys,Military,Bears,Jocks,Sisters,FTMs,Trannys,Dykes, Boys,Girls Queer, but Straight Friendly.
This Is a party for the queer and queer friendly community that rocks with all the funkiness you can muster!

MC Foxxy will be keepin the energy flowin and entertaining and our awesome GoGo boys-Corey,Johnny Cakes,Jason,Michael and Charley Sharp will be shakin their asses and cheerin the crowd on!
Bootblack Shawn Patrick with be buffin and showin yer boots some love!

DJs Darkcloud, Jimme Jamma and DJ Tronic are gonna bring down the house with awesome electro,techno,house,tribal dance beats that are gonna keep ya pumpin!!!

Hot homo erotic art work and video art will be supplied by Andrew Klaus Http://WWW.artofandrewklaus.blogspot.com/

Organizations will be raising money to help the queer community(more about them later)
I am so excited to see the fun this party is generating so come out and get yer funkiness on!

Hugs, Jonny Lamb

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