Growing Pains- THINK/FEEL becomes TIME-OUT FILMS

Some Big changes are taking place in the life of your writer here.  My tiny production company is going into overdrive creating  several shorts and a highly ambitious feature film (more news on that soon) as well as continual demand for exhibitions of my video art and photo work.  THINK/FEEL my long running online archive is changing into a hub for  TIME-OUT FILMS my production company. The amazing stop-motion animator Justin Warner has joined forces with Time-Out Films and we have a lot of great things in store soon.  Expect official announcements as to Time-Out Films slate of film works in the coming week. We are looking forward to sharing with you the process as we grow into the next stage of our winding, sometimes bemusing careers. 

      Over the next few days many changes are coming to the site which will officially change name and purpose to The THINK/FEEL archive will still exist and continue however my growing body of film work and career growth has necessitated this change , which a very pleasant surprise. I've been quite busy booking exhibitions and screening in North America and have three film shoots booked for the summer as well as a shoot in Europe this September (Iceland, England and France!!!!)
So please bear with me through these changes as we transition from our scrappy still to a stream-lined (slightly) more professional look. 

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