ODDS AND ENDS @ATA Gallery SF, CA. 5/27/10 8pm.

ODDS AND ENDS @ATA Gallery SF, CA. 5/27/10 8pm.

Please join us on 5/27 at the venerable Artist's Television Access (ATA) Gallery as the Odds and Ends screening series presents a hyper pixelated homegrown collection of experimental, animated and documentary film and video work made by lot's of Pacific NW based artists and even a few of those damn Californians!

Cost: 6.00
Artists' Television Access
992 Valencia Street (at 21st)
San Francisco, CA 94110

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* To learn more about the filmmakers click on the their names and peruse their webspaces.

Bryan Boyce S.F. 
"Free" (2005)
A decayed public housing project is reduced to rubble. In black and white with ghosts of color. (2 min.)

Jesse Malmed PDX 
"I am hiding a poem" (2009)

Jennifer Hardacker PDX 
"The Night Gardener" (2008)
 The life of a garden after dark. (10 min)

Luke Sieczek SEATTLE
"Elsewhere" (2005)
The half-remembered spaces - the obscure but guiding motion of a secret history. (6 min)

Nancy Jean Tucker L.A.
"Kentucky Kingdown" (2008)
A natural disaster strikes a faceless population, bringing an infestation of bugs, drugs, and driving rain. An animated visual feast that defies gravity, logic, and camera angles - all from the point of view of a chicken. (6 min.)

Mallary Abel  S.F. 
"Limina" (2010)
Perspectives are endless. Thresholds are always open. (3 mins.)

Ben Popp PDX 
"Clouds" (2009)
A short animation shot on Hi-Con 16mm film and hand processed. (1 min.)

Jon Behrens SEATTLE
"Meditation in Color and Light" (2010)
An optically-printed celluloid mind melt.  (7 min.)

Salise Hughes SEATTLE
"Nothing to fear but nothing itself" (2009)
Robert Vaughn (the man from U.N.C.L.E.) vs. the void. (5 min.)

Dustin Zemel PDX
"More Please" (2009)
This video takes about 30 seconds of a Nancy Grace footage and stretches it to over six minutes. The first two minutes contain a stretched out bumper that normally lasts 10 seconds or so. I do this to emphasize both the intricate compositing television graphics artists achieve in addition to the textual emptiness and redundancy of the content. (6 min.)

Shalo P. S.F. 
New mad freshness from Shalo, I have no idea of what to expect except other than I know it will surf your brain matter.

Ron Mason Gassaway PDX
"Summon the Beast: Black Magic for emerging markets" (2010)
Tickle me Elmo awaits us at the gates of hell. (1 min.)

Ben Popp
"One fine day while walking through a static field" (2006) 
"So a black and white matte guy looks through a hole, what does he see? (3 min.)
Andrew Klaus PDX
"Origin: Oceania" (2010)
addresses the nature of creation itself and the evolution of life from the sea citing varied sources including the Torah, Herodotus, Charles Darwin and Inuit mythology; both the modern conditions of technological evolution and the basic biological-geological evolution of the world and how they link our understanding of human origins." (3 min.)

Anthony Schilling PDX
"The Picture Dance" (2009)
Pure analog. This short film consists of many many 35mm film still photographs captured frame by frame with a 16mm movie camera, mixed with the animated subjects captured with just the movie camera. This experiment was designed to portray a journey of random people and places through the portals of photography. (2.5 min.)
Brian Libby PDX
"Pasadena Dreaming" (2009)
The snowy mountain view from my window seat during a New Year's Eve 2009 flight to Los Angeles, interlaced with split-second shots that represent my inner monologue of hope and fear. Music by Beauty Pill. (5 min)  

Matt McCormick PDX
music video for Eluvium: the Motion Makes Me Last (2010)
(5.5 min.) 

Jeff Guay PDX
"Don't worry, it's a new century" (2009)
In a wry homage to a seminal Northwest short, Crystal Lake explores the concept of “idea recycling.” (9 mins.)

Thad Povey "Martyr" (2009) 
Responding to images from the far side of our planet, this is a tribute to a woman who we do not pretend to know, meant to honor a culture that we do hope to understand.
Music - Mark Growden (3.5 min.)
Vanessa Renwick PDX
"Little White Horse" music video for Quasi
This video was made while I was enjoying a residency at Caldera in March of 2010
At Sam Coomes' request, I re-cut the "Red Stallion's Revenge" footage to Quasi's song " Little White Horse". That Sam Coomes had a good idea! Sam also did the mind blowing score for Portrait #2: Trojan(4.5 min.)

Stephan Nedalman  PDX
Music video for Ramona Falls ""I Say Fever" (2009)
(3.5 min) 

Rob Tyler  PDX
"Ewok Karaoke"
From the PDX eXperimental & Documentary Film Festival's Karaoke Throwdown, 2009. "Celebrate the Love!" (2.5 min.)

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