Bel Ami releases Peters Twins "twincest" too far? (NSFW)

Venerable Euro porn brand Bel Ami has cause quite the stir; responsible for the likes of Lucas and Johan Paulik, who've created a niche within a niche with their ridiculously buff youthful eastern european boys in bucolic settings (usually) with raging hormones, big dicks and actually proficient cinematography(!) However has the porn house gone too far with identical twins Elijah and Milo Peters, who refer to themselves as one person in two bodies and the XXX stars are a little closer than the average brotherly love. They go for it on screen hardcore.
    This has cause a (minor)scandal in the adult film industry and the dust up got picked up  at the fringes of mainstream pop journalism (oh-is that where I am?) . They are certainly not the first set of twin brothers to do porn together, and not remotely even the first to have full on sex with each other ( the Christie Twins, Double Czech's Bartok Twins) Bel Ami Online has been abuzz with those who , while  porn aficionados find the promotion of incest perhaps a line too far.  You can judge for yourself after the jump (NSFW-um--understatement)  oddly enough i sort of don't really have much of an opinion about the Peters Twins because to be honest- they don't really grab me. I mean they are certainly fit, and have nice cocks to work with but the faces sorta loose me- like slutty oatmeal: just sorta hot and boring.  So I'm going to leave the commentary to you my readers, what do you think about them, this scene, this phenomenon of "twincest" pornography?

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