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So Diggin' to China has been a little behind lately. I apologize. I'm a small operation here folks!  My art and film career (NSFW) has exploded as of late garnering me some of the best reviews of my career thus far !

"a strong visual style and narrative tendencies"
 Bruce La Bruce (Filmmaker, artist
"[Klaus has ] ... highly trained artistic sensibilities"
  The Feminist Review

" [Klaus' work ] does what breakthrough art is supposed to do: it stimulates, provokes, and challenges. It evokes a mood and attitude, by being just translucent enough to hint at a possible point of view without overt statement.
                                  Jim Dittmer (art critic and curator.)
"The images of Nocturnes and Nightmares have the subversion of Piss Christ and the reverence of La Pieta. It is very mesmerizing work."
                                 Byron Beck (writer and critic)
"Evoking Kenneth Anger and Floria Sigismondi, Klaus is able to rend a delicate and exquisite beauty out of the ugly margin of the world. By turns seductive and confrontational, his work is as frightening as a lighting storm, and just as powerfully electric."
                                       Nick Mattos (writer)

So it has obviously it has completely gone to my head and I've been on a bender with a bunch of beautiful bearded tattooed big dicked coke whores   I've been super swamped with still MORE work. I promise to get back on schedule this week. For now check out my latest film piece Origin: Oceania after the jump.

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