Who reads Diggin' To China?

Clearly we here at Diggin' To China have a lot of readers (THANKS GUYS!!)  as the map of today's readers above shows.  Leave a comment and let us know where you you're from, say hi, complain about something, send us naughty pictures of yourselves, let us know what you'd like to see more of, Got a hot tip on a great artits, a cool new band, and unsung classic? Let us know! 

    I like thinking 23% of you out there read this in Atlantis, 23% is a pretty large UNKNOWN continent percentage don't you agree?     It's Oscar Sunday expect  recap later but right now I'm killing time and cleaning our office and my home before attending a fabulous bash thrown by bon vivant Matthew Kern.                     
                                                                                                             These pie charts are from today's breakdowns, it changes all the time. I tend to be pretty brit centered a lot of the time in my taste and posts. Don't you thinkPie charts are by and large THE superior chart. Ii do, far better than ugh- Bar graphs or heaven forbid a LINE GRAPH! Pie charts rock. 


ming said...

toronto, canada here :)

Andrew klaus-Vineyard said...

Howdy Toronto! Hows things? Thanks for reading.