Don't You Know Who I think I Am?

     It comes to my attention that I have a rather large following these days and I've given my readers shout outs before but made it well known that I don't make it a habit of writing about my personal life and work (outside the occasional update on a film or record release) on Diggin' to China  so I'm giving back after being asked who I am really and what qualifies me to do what I do. Okay so a bum yelled at me "who the hell do you think you are " but the seed was planted. 
"Don't you know who I think I am?  "  
Do you care? Probably not as most of you are looking for naked pics of Hugh Jackman and Wilfried Knight

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Actual information about ME! after the jump. 

Sidenote- Having already had not one but two  stalkers, let me say this: feel free to email, but if you feel this deep connection and the need to get in touch in person feel free to call a crisis counselor instead. A local one in the Pacific Northwest is at 1-800-716-9769. This seems like a joke, but it's not.  If you need help, get help. 

Andrew Klaus

Born somewhere in rural Georgia, 1979
Currently Lives and Works in Portland Oregon
Married to artist Taylor Vineyard


1997-1998 Savannah College of Art and Design
2006-2011 Portland State University     

2010 Inheritance - 35 min  - Color HD Digital Video -

2007 THIS HOUSE IS NOT A HOME -18 min 18 Sec- B&W SD Digital Video Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Score/Cinematographer

2007 Lazarus -7 min 15 sec – Color SD Digital Video

2006 The Human Remains – 9 min 08 sec- Color SD Digital Video


2009 NATURE/NURTURE- 2 min 41 sec- Color HD and SD Digital Video Concept/Director/Producer/Editor/Score/Cinematographer

2009 Peter Pan in Crimson – 5 min – Monochromatic color SD Digital Video- Concept/Director/Score/Editor/Actor/Cinematographer

2008 Les Hômmes-2 min 40 sec – Color SD Digital Video- 
Concept /Director/Producer/Actor/Editor/Score/Cinematographer

2007 The First Taste- 3 min- Color SD Digital Vide 
Concept /Director/Producer/Actor/Editor/Score/Cinematographer

2009 CoHo Productions “Hamlet” promotional videos/video art instillation

2009 Pulse Underwear Benjamin Black Collection Instillation Advert

2009 Pulse Underwear/Benjamin Black Collection Fashion Video


2009 Tragic Magic (dir. Heather Acs/Silas Howard/Glenn Marla)

2009 Cardiac STEMI Simulation - OHSU

2009 “Tillamook” EMS-C Pediatric Trauma Simulation

2009 “Reedsport” EMS-C Pediatric Trauma Simulation

2009 “Eugene” EMS-C Pediatric Trauma Simulation

2009 “Silverton” EMS-C Pediatric Trauma Simulation

2009 “Warm Springs” EMS-C Pediatric Trauma Simulation

2008 “Heppner” EMS-C Pediatric Trauma Simulation

Web Series

2009-2010 Sylvia!
Episode #1 “Anita People”
Episode #2 “Nobody Cares About Gladys”
Episode #3 “Difficult Technicalities

Other Notable Works

2009 Photo assistant to photographer Holly Andres
2007 Nora (dir. Grace Carter) Set Director
2006 Dream Boy (Dir. James Bolton) Set Dresser/Picture Car Coordinator
2005 Author graphic Nove Godless (art by Taylor Vineyard)
1997 Sculptural assistant to sculptor Andy Goldsworthy

Selected Video/Film/Art Festivals

2009 OB-ART Madrid, Spain
2009 BANG! Festival de Videoarte, Barcelona, Spain
2008 BANG! Festival de Videoarte, Barcelona, Spain
2007 Visuals Film Festival, Portland, Oregon
(Winner Audience Choice Award- THIS HOUSE IS NOT A HOME)
2007 Scratching The Surface Art Fair, Portland, Oregon
2006 LIFEBOAT: HAMPTONS, Hamptons Art Fair, East Hampton New York
2006 Visual Film Festival, Portland, Oregon

Selected Discography

2010 A is for Accident- Songs About Lovers  - Le Garçon Sale Records
2009 A is For Accident – Selfish  - Le Garçon Sale Records
2003 Souhado- Continental Drift- Sweater Records
1999 Souhado-  The Shining Lies You Told Me, Sir- Sweater Records

Selected Bibliography

Jon Miller “26 Interviews : (A)ndrew Klaus”
September 01, 2009

Eleanor Whitney “A is for Accident- Selfish” The Feminist Review
June 18, 2009

Julie Mae Madsen “THIS HOUSE IS NOT A HOME” Oregon Literary Review
Vol.3, No.1

Charles Zan Christensen “Stumptown Ho!” SuperFag .net
October 28, 2005

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