Super Sperm: Woman with NO VAGINA impregnated via knife fight

This story blows my mind completely. Bare with me:

In 1988 in Lesotho a southern African nation, a 15 year old girl with Mullerian agenesis or Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (a birth defect where she has no vagina only a shallow skin dimple)  shocked her doctors (and herself) when she exhibited all the symptoms of being in labor. Upon examination of the vulva it was determined she had no vagina, but was in fact pregnant and in labor... 

Doctors performed a cesarian and a healthy baby boy was delivered... lets back up , 278 days exactly...

278 days before the girl was admitted to the hospital suffering stab wounds to her abdomen, she had been discovered performing oral sex on her lover by a former lover and a knife fight apparently ensued, in which she was stabbed.  The only explanation for her pregnancy was that on a n empty stomach, sperm leaked from her gastrointestinal tract into he internal reproductive system via the stab wounds and managed to impregnate the girl... talk about bad luck.  Read the whole sordid tale and the medical communities response HERE

(via ABC NEWS)

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Anonymous said...

This is literally the most mind blowing thing I've ever heard. I'm speechless and completely amazed at the same time. Just "wow"!