Pacific Rim- Chile, Japan, Hawaii

Tsunami Travel Times Estimate

I want my readers on the Pacific  to take this seriously, it's always better to be over cautious than not.   A massive 8.8 earthquake struck Chile this morning, largest in a century sending out shockwaves, killing more than 100 people thus far and launching the Tsunami warning sirens on  the Easter Islands and Hawaii, if you live on the Pacific coasts where you are and you hear the warnings- evacuate.  A large scale evacuation is underway in Hawaii and as this is is all happening Japan has been hit with a 7.3 earthquake. Is nature out of control? It sure feels like it today.  So if you can hear the sirens where you are-stop reading this and go !
 Be safe everyone. 

Earlier this week an iceberg the size of the nation of Luxembourg broke off from the continent of Antarctica. and crashed into the sea... none of this bodes well.

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