Passenger tries to open door on DC to Vegas flight

United Flight 233 from Washington D.C. to Las Vegas Nevada was diverted to Denver, Colorado after a passenger allegedly attempted to open the plane door mid-flight. Police met the plane at the gate in Denver and too the passenger into custody. This sort of thing is happening far too frequently in the wake of the Christmas Day terrorist bombing attempt and a week later a second Nigerian national grounded a flight from Amsterdam (the same flight as the Christmas attempt)  for questionable behavior. A flight from Portland, OR to Hawaii was recently forced to make an emergency landing and dump its fuel in the pacific ocean after an passenger left threatening comments on a comment card.  I have to say all this is not exactly making me want to fly anytime soon- it's a pain in the ass enough without these jerks.


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Alia said...

I enjoy how pertinent this anonymous comment is. And how literate it seems to be. Yay! Also, since comments apparently needn't relate in any way to the post: I miss Amy Winehouse. Did we get bored or did she get normal?