Oh Fuck You, Tila Tequila

      Since the untimely death of Johnson and Johnson heiress Casey Johnson my senses have been assaulted by that tiny annoying media fabrication known as Tila Tequila.  Full disclosure- I only had a marginal understanding of who this woman was until very recently-scrath that- I still don't really know who the fuck the woman thinks she is.  She had a "reality" "dating " show - that much I knew as well as she was in news a lot dating a series of übertrashy, but fairly wealthy skanks . Yes I said Skanks. Oh Fuck You is not really the column for fine journalism - you have no idea the week I just had.  

Tila Tequila  gets "engaged" to Casey Johnson.

Who then dies of "natural causes" at age 30, leaving a child orphaned.

But what does the media and their media creaked monster Tila Tequila do? 
Focus on Tila of course! 

with Tweets like   

"I haven't slept going on 4 days now from the loss of my Wifey. I need to rest. Especially 4 baby!"   

"Going to doctor's appointment in 5 hours. Eeek! Pregnancy news soon??? Stay tuned....xox"

I hope like hell she's barren. 


And she has a sex tape with some guy now!  check here!

Her media blitz continues with a supposed 7-hour Twitter composed mini "auto-biography" 

Read it at your own risk after the jump.

Don’t underestimate me cuz I’m “Petite”…………POW! That’s wut happend to me in school. PPL thought cuz I was little that I couldn’t fight back…..they were WRONG! 4 real! Imma Ninja! Im serious! That’s why they sent me away to Juvenile Boarding school…cuz Some DUDE tried 2 fight me & I beat him up. I got sent 6 months to juvie. But once I got sent to Juvie it was scary. Everyone was segregated & I had 2 find a new “gang” 2 chill wit 2 back me up in there & …And so I rolled with the Mexicans. They took me in as one of their own & protected me from the other gangs in Juvie. It was crazzzyy! That’s how I got the name “TILA TEQUILA” my Mexican family (gangsters) gamme dat name after I couldnt drink with them! LMAO! His name was Carlos Aguillero. He was the one who named me “TILA TEQUILA” i will never forget it. From my ex-gang bangin days! So u see? I went from gang-banger, juvenile criminal 2 changing my life around & now living the dream in HOLLYWOOD! If I can do it SO CAN U!
Now u guys kinda know why I try so hard 2 help others. Cuz I been there. I know what its like & I will never forget it. Im here now 2 help! Man I grew up in the craziest hood! Drive by’s, friends in jail or dead…gang fights, EVERYTHING! But Thats why I took control & left!!! I knew that lifestyle wasn’t right. Something was wrong. I thought to myself “THIS CANT BE WHAT LIFE IS LIKE!” So I moved to LA & here I am! I may have left the hood, bu the hood never left me! That’s why Im always humble & crazy & dont give a fuck! I NEVER 4 get where im from! So I plan on goin back to my community & talkin 2 these kids at their schools 2 help them get inspired & dnt gve up no matta how hard it is! If someone came to me 10 years ago & told me my life would be what it is TODAY! I probably woulda slapped ‘em…but wow. THANK U GOD!!!!!!
When I was 16 my friend was pregnant and she was 17 & she got shot and killed in a drive by. I was in the car next to her!!!!!!!! Another time when I was 15 we went out & a gang member put a gun to my head. I will never forget that. Ever. There’s so much more I’d like to share with u about my life growing up but no room! But my point is. I went from THAT to THIS now! THANK GOD! Im SO THANKFUL that I got away from that lifestyle so TODAY I want to really help others who are living that way! I wanna give ‘em hope! My 2nd book I am writing now will be ALL ABOUT MY LIFE growing up. It’s so fucked up! Everything! I want 2 share my story & inspire others! My life growing up ain’t no joke. It’s bad memories so I NEVER have spoken about it now that I’m “HERE” but I will in the book….It’s just hard to re-live those memories. Another friend of mine got murdered & they wrapped him in Duct Tape so it was fucked up & His father had to go to the morgue & since he was dead they peeled the duck tape off him and it all decayed. He was my friend……That little girl who grew up in that life doesn’t sound like it was MY LIFE…but believe it…yes..that little girl was me…but I made it! I guess u can say there’s A LOTTTTTTT about “Tila Tequila” that you don’t know & it will suprise you. But I’m ready 2 share my story….I first lived in the Projects in Houston. Then we moved to HISD which is another hood for the hispanics, then finally moved 2 south side. Some-1 said they dont believe me. Well I dont care wut u think cuz its true. My family immigrated frm Vietnam of course we lived in projects! We only had 1 bedroom & 1 bed. My ENTIRE FAMILY had to all sleep in the same bed together cuz we were so poor! yall can look it up! In Houston…3rd Ward and 5th Ward. All hood! Then HISD! That’s all the places I grew up! Im telling u…that was me!
Then was I was 17 I got pregnant and my boyfriend at the time hit me in the stomach with a hammer & I got a miscarriage……It makes me cry if I think about my life growing up but then I cry tears of JOY to see how far I have come from that life!!! Thank u GOD! It also makes me cry of joy that I went from THAT to being able to pay ALL of my parents bills TODAY! They are so proud of me! =) I used to hide in my closet when I was 11 years old and cry and cry & write on the walls & pray to God that life would get better…I would cry so much that I would just pass out and wake up still in the closet with bloody hands from punching my mirrors….I was just a baby..and I had to live an adult life. That explains why TODAY I still have such an innocent side 2 me cuz I missed out on it. Another friend of mine died because her boyfriend beat her up, killed her, and lit her house on fire…Im telling u. This was my life!!!! Another time was I was 15, I was so scared cuz my boyfriend at the time said “Baby if anything happens just stay here” He went to get his gun & his homies & they were going to go do something bad! I cried & begged him please dont go! Stay with me! Please! Then they all went to jail and I was heartbroken & once again….lost and alone with nothing but gang bangers. I was just a kid….The same boyfriend that hit me in the stomach when I was 17 & killed my baby was the same guy who got 2 watch the guy who killed his dad In prison! His father was shot & the criminal got charged 2 death sentence & they let my boyfriend come watch the criminal get killed in prison. When he came back to me that night….I felt so weird! But I knew it was something hard for him too…thats why I stayed with him. etc…cuz before his dad got shot…he was such a good boy! Went fishing, church, shool…etc..but when his father died so did he..I saved him. And yes…I was only 17 at this point!!!!!!!!!!! It was one of those situations where u feel like “Baby it’s just me and you against the whole world! Dont leave me here!” So when I decided enough was enough & moved to cali & left him behind…I was TORN! It was the hardest moment of my life! But I knew I had to get away…..I had no choice. But again….I made it…and here I am Today! Tila Tequila……=) I dont know why I’m sharing such PERSONAL and EMOTIONAL things about my life with you guys..but I feel it can be a good thing now…Because I am not that little girl anymore. I have grown up to be a strong woman who overcame a TON of bullshit in life & here I am today! I promise you all..I will write my book. I never did it before cuz it’s too hard to re-live those times in my life. But Im strong enough now.
After he hit me in the stomach with a hammer while I was pregnant at 17, I went to the bathroom and all this blood came out & chunks my baby! Once again…I went to my closet & cried for hours and hours & cried & told my baby how sorry Mommy was & one day I will bring u back! I promised my baby that one day Mommy will make a good life for you & when its time Mommy will bring u back & thats what Ive been doing…I was only 17 when that happened……10 years ago. Oh yea…so I tried to leave him for a whole YEAR! but everytime I did, he would put a gun in his mouth and cocked it in front of me So that I wouldn’t leave him….it was all really fucked up…..I never spoke about it publicly until now. But Im strong now so I can….The reason Y we loved each other so much was one thing: We both had fucked up lives & a part of us knew we wanted normal lives & love. So it was super fucked up…but we still loved each other cuz his dad got shot & my life was all crazy & sometimes we were all we had…That’s why it was so hard…..there were very sweet, deep & loving moments of our relationship & that bond of US AGAINST THE WORLD..But it became too much in the end….I wasn’t even 18 yet & my life was out of control….I knew it was time to pack & never look back….I will never forget the moment when I finally had the courage to leave him tho…..Never til this day will I forget that moment…..
OMG then there’s another painful story of my first girlfriend ever & how we fell in love & had to hide it from everyone! Ugh..so much…Let me just log off now so I can write this all down in a book. I really hope 2 inspire everyone now with my TRUE life story….Im sorry if some of u got sad reading my tweets…but believe me when I say those arent even the WORST parts thats happened in my life! I wont be able to share with you the really really bad stuff….but I’ll write it all down in the book. It’s too sad 2 write on Twitter. There’s a LOT im remembering now that I feel like holding back…but I think if Im gonna write a book…I might as well tell everything…and u know what? I’m gonna sit here right now and write the whole damn thing myself! NO OTHER GHOSTWRITERS! My own words. My life….Lets put it this way. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING bad u can think of that can happen to a person. Trust that I have been through it. All of it. I just dont want to say the words on here…but u guys know what I’m talking about. yes…it all happened to me when I was a kid. if I write it tho..that means I open the doors 2 my entire PAST all over again. Its gonna be very painful But i know God did this 4 a reason..I think after people read my life story…everything will make sense to them. How I got here & why I am the way I am. It’ll all make sense..
Then one time I cheated on him. It was a pic of me kissing another guy. I thought my boyfriend would be so pissed off and say fuck you etc…But instead…he saw the picture & broke down crying. In that moment my heart also broke 2 see how I hurt this person…I started to cry & hold him & told him how sorry I was and that Im so sorry for hurting you baby! We just cried together…..Seeing him that way and knowing I was the one who hurt him….it broke my heart. I broke my own heart…….I used 2 tell him all the time “We are Thug Love baby!” it was exactly what it was……Us Against The World. Thug Luv. Deep Crazy emotional! The day I left…he cried. He Cried so hard & said you are my life! U can’t leave us! & tried so hard not 2 cry but I knew I had to go….I wanted to hold him and say baby I love u so much pls dont cry! Im gonna stay with u forever! But in reality…I knew I had to go…..So I pretended to act like a bitch to him…like I didn’t care…so he would hate me and not hurt so bad. I acted on purpose 2 not hurt him. But inside I was dying. I was dead. But I needed the strength to let that pain be & let him go cuz I needed to go to Hollywood. New life! Yes….I still think about him today……10-11 years later…..
When I hold you baby, feel your heartbeat close to me. Want to stay in your arms forever, Only Love Can Set You Free…..
For I can Stand A Thousand Trials, the Strong will never fall. But Watching stars without you….my Soul Cries…..
I used to always listen to “TENDER LOVE” everytime he & I got into a fight or broke up….it worked everytime cuz I would come back hm 2 him. I would listen 2 “Tender Love” while driving home late nights by myself & visions of his face would pop up in my head…I’d miss him so…People are asking me who’s it by? “TENDER LOVE” by Force MD’s. That was my song….=) After hearing that song & being with other guys…my heart felt empty. I drove right over to his house and said “Baby ur my world. I love u” & no matter how bad of a girlfriend I was at times….he was always there to take me back. Always. we had REALLY bad moments, but one of the best moments was when I’d come over, sit on his lap, wrap my arms round his neck & kiss him….In those moments….I never wanted time to pass. I wanted to stay there forever……Oh god! The song the REALLY broke my heart with him was when I actually left him. The song “GOODBYE” by Jagged Edge..hurt me 4 ever! I listened to that song over and over til I felt like DYING! “GOODBYE” Jagged Edge. Those lyrics was EXACTLY how I felt about him..So if u wanna know how I felt when I finally broke up with him & moved to Hollywood. Listen 2 lyrics of “GOODBYE” by Jagged Edge…It was one of the hardest moments of my life…but I had to stay strong…..What hurt me the most was having to pretend in his face that I didn’t love him anymore & I didn’t care…but he didn’t know…I loved him. Til this day he probably still thinks that I left him cuz I didn’t love him anymore…but that’s not true at all. I loved him very much…It was the LONGEST and LONELIEST 24 hour drive that I took leaving Houston, TX & my memories behind 2 come 2 Hollywood……Do I still love him now? Yes…….I haven’t seen or spoke to him for 11 years tho! Last time was the last day I left him….and now today….here I am.
Ok well here is the song I ALWAYS quote in my tweets when I think of him today and please watch the video because it is EXACTLY how our relationship was. Very Beautiful yet tragic and that’s why I think of him always with this song: CLICK HERE: KISSING YOU BY DESREE
So if u were captivated by tonight’s tweets…u will DEFINITELY be enamored once you read the full story of my life! U wont put down the book! cuz him and I…believe it or not….would probably just be maybe 2 chapters. The rest is sooooo more interesting stuff! Cuz the whole time I was dating him….there’s another catch to the story. I had another 2nd life with another guy….my savior….it’s alll just soooooo crazy! It would probably end up being a movie! Like one of those trilogies! of my life story…many characters. Cuz while I loved him and saved him……there was someone ELSE that loved and saved ME all at the same time……..wow! So far I’ve only introduced you to my boyfriend….but the “other guy” my savior….wow…now THAT is a compelling love story too! Then one day they bumped into each other face to face………………..But I can’t tell u what happens after that because I have not introduced you to “my savior” yet & how our relationship was that lead 2 all else. Let’s just say there was a 10 police car chase and ambulance & me standing in the rain crying……freezing cold cuz it was winter… and one of them….got handcuffed and locked in the backseat of the police car, the other is pissed, & im dying of heartbreaking torment. after that whole ordeal went down I was torn 2 shreds in heartache. While 1 was fine, I would have 2 sneak around 2 visit the other in jail. Both 2 very compelling & complex love stories happening at the same time. It was the worst thing 2 go through that. Lots 2 explain in detail. See? This shit is so crazy…that people think I make up stories. Im not. This is my real life. These ppl are still alive & its real.
No….u guys dont understand. it wasnt about “cheating’ this situation..if u knew the whole story….is very heartbreaking…I had no choice. I loved them both so much…I was willing to take blame for EVERYTHING from EVERYONE…even tho non of them knew the truth…I took it. Just to protect my love….I took all the blame…….Well cuz 1 of them I grew up with as childhood friends & he became sick. I loved him. The other of course…my boyfriend. Its fucked up…Now u see what I mean? I didn’t have a choice. I was the most heartbroken of all of them…..caught in the middle…sick friend & Lover…He would pop up in the middle of the night by my window…calling for my name….”Come Away With me baby, I’ll take u away from here!” And me wanting to so badly! But saying “Shhhh! I can’t! What are u doin here? Shhhh! Please go!” Then I’ll just take long drives at night by myself & go 2 my favorite Lake & lay down & gaze at the stars..making wishes 2 run away frm here. Then one day I was sitting alone at my secret lake….and he pops up out of nowhere & comes to me. He laid down with me 2 look at the stars. We used to daydream about what life might be like outside of our hood….what the world is like out there beyond our town….
I swear he used to dedicate this song to me and I’ve actually tweeted quotes on here many times if u look back on my timeline:
I still remember our first kiss. My childhood friend had been in love with me his whole life. Then one day when I was 17..I kissed him…We were sitting on a parking lot slab in the apt complex..talking…then I just said to him “ur in love arent u?” then I kissed him for the first time! He never said much to me at all but he didn’t have 2 because the look in his eyes….I could see everything…the way he felt & looked at me. And then I dedicated “By Your Side” to him…by Sade…….I used to sing it to him when he laid in my lap…..Then when he went to jail…I would go visit….and sing softly to him that same song…..”By Your Side” Sade….He would never listen to anyone but me….and thats why all of his friends and family hated me…cuz he would only listen to me….But thats because they werent there for him the way I was. They didn’t know him the way I knew him…..So although it hurt that they all hated me & wanted someone to blame…I took it. Cuz all I wanted was for him to get better. He was sick..
One last thing…. While I was in my own world trying to figure it out…the song “WILD HORSES” by The Sundays was my theme song….”Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.” ……….. & it never did. <3 Then when I learned how to play guitar....I would play accoustic & Sing "FADE INTO YOU" by Mazzy Star....just for him. He loved it...Tomorrow night, same time....I'll tell u the story about the first girl I ever fell in love with & how we had 2 hide it from everyone! If u go to my parents house TODAY....u will still see the writings all over the closet walls where I used 2 hide & cry. It's still there! U can even still see some blood stain from when I punched my mirror and cut my hands & I wiped it all over my walls...still there...When I finally moved away and left everyone behind in Houston....I dedicated this song to him "EVERLASTING LOVE" by Sandra...
Step by Step, Heart to Heart, left right left...we all fall down.....like Toy Soldiers.....
My 2nd book about my life will be dedicated to my Son Jayden. He would have been 11 years old today if he was still alive....R.I.P. My little Angel. Mommy is fighting for you and working hard to give you a life that Mommy never had......To Be Continued...........

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