Jeff Probst : Survivor Host Packin' more than Immunity.

Full disclosure-  I have never even watched a full episode of Survivor. I'm always shocked when I hear it's still on the air. It just isn't my cup of tea.

    However I do think Survivor Host Jeff Probst, who frequently guest hosts on another day time guilty pleasure (Okay it's Regis and Kelly) is a total hottie. He's sorta a guilty pleasure crush. I mean he's a babe, but then again I'm morally opposed to most reality television, especially the spawn that birthed themselves from Survivor. Let's not forget Survivor gave us Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

But He's pretty foxy... I'm torn...

Then I remembered a few years back nude photos of him surfaced to the shock of absolutely no one. as pretty much everyone has nude photos and/or a sextuple floating around.
 But they did solidify my crush, if you know what I mean. Check them out after the jump.



Paul said...

is he at his mom's house? this photo is very

Andrew klaus-Vineyard said...

Oh it's totally worthy of Lurddigs.