Greg Oden nude pic "scandal"

      Greg Oden, the much ballyhooed (and injury prone) Portland Blazer's basketball player who is out for the rest of the year recovering from yet another knee injury, seems to have found a great way to spend his time. Sending nude pics of himself to persons unknown-who in turn leaked the supposedly year old photos online.   You can see them HERE it's worth to check them there for the comments alone.

    I just don't know why we pay so much for a sports player who doesn't PLAY BALL? also I really don't think three nude pics really require a press conference such as this one has. Ugh who cares.  Everyone is naked under their clothes.


Paul said...

I don't have anything thoughtful or mature to say about this but... All my straight coworkers were agasp at the size of his penis. It's nothing to sneeze at for sure but I think it's a lot harder to impress a gay man with the size of a peen.

Andrew klaus-Vineyard said...

Well we have seen a lot dicks lol. And some of us are packing ourselves :)