RE: RE: Oh, Fuck You! Stephenson Billings: Christwire, Satire and Racism.

The hate-mail correspondence with those wacky weirdos at "Christwire" continue.
It's seems that this must be a satire because it's so outlandish and offensive it couldn't possibility be true. I mean really.Though it's almost too real to be fake. There in lies the conundrum. You hope it's a satire because it's so offensive, but it's so unfunny it sounds real. ANYway... they seem to be reading my blog now so... oh well.

Dear Andrew,

Don't get all high and mighty with me, please. I have every right to email you. I saw you used some foul and inaccurate language to describe me and, well, I was upset! I believe I'm doing a great service with my journalism and then to find terrible people like you calling me out... It gave me a headache. Today I will have 2 donuts and a decaf. In any event, best of luck with your "blog" and please refrain from the foul language, it subtracts from your soul. Yes, I am happy that you managed to find a woman to marry you. The rest of your email was just awful. 
Best wishes,
Stephenson Billings, Investigative Journalist
If this is infect real christian values on display I'd love to know how Billings can claim superiority when his colleague on Christwire wrote the following about the Tiger Woods sex Scandal, This is nothing more than bigoted hate speech. We spent the better part of a day reading through Christwire bemused if it was an elaborate satire of rightwing funds or infect sadly the ignorant ramblings of grammar challenged homophobic racists. Sadly it seems the latter is the case.

My friends, I have said it before and I will say it again, this is why the blacks cannot function when they are not owned. It is just a basic fundemental fundament of there nature that when they are left unguarded by watchful White eyes that they start getting into all sorts of debaucherous shenanigans and run around mugging people and sleeping with White women.
All of the harlots who have stepped forward at least willingly submitted to his dark rod of lust, but what of the unspoken? Who knows how many innocent young White girls were taken forcibly by the gofer as he threatened them with his 9-iron? They are probably huddled off in some dark alleyway at this very moment, too scared to step forward lest he send his good friend, Chris Brown, after them to silence them for good.
Oh, how I wish this were the good old days, so that we could take this terrible man out to the courthouse and hang him from a tree. But alas, thanks to Martin X and Malcolm King, it is no longer considered a capital crime for a black man to lay with a White woman. These are dark and scary times, my friends, dark and scary times.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I guess puking out one's ignorant and psychologically twisted opinions on a keyboard is considered "investigative journalism," and Christian! Those guys at Christwire aren't even worth the attention that you are giving them...

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that is satirical. I mean when he referred to Woods' "dark rod of lust" I almost couldn't finish reading this article, I was laughing so hard and there are plenty of other equally stupefying articles on that website. I don't think that even Rush Limbaugh would be this blatant in his ignorance. This just can't be for real, dude!