Oh Fuck You, Sen. Joe Lieberman

As a man of the Jewish faith some people assume I must be  a fan of Sen. Joe Lieberman (formerly a Democrat, Now an "Independent"-Still a Jew) but I am not. In fact I hate the man's guts. I hated him even before he was picked as Al Gore's ill-fated running mate in the stolen 2000 election. So, alas, he's had this coming from me for a LONG time.

OH Fuck You Joe Lieberman!

Listen to Joe Lieberman  talk about how we should preemptively bomb Yemen...um great plan there Joe.  This is the same man who thought Guantanamo Bay was "a first-class Facility" Joe you are not "independent" you're just a Republican-wanna be who couldn't get in their club, kinda like the way  country clubs used to deny Jews membership.

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