I love you, Chris Colfer

I adore GLEE it's a big ol' hot mess with showtunes.  It's a cartoonish, stylish often surprisingly moving depiction of a group of high school misfits in an Ohio Glee club.  Chris Colfer plays the sassy sometimes scheming gay boy Kurt Hummell.  I liked the show immediately but as with any creative and interesting show on television that is not a about cops/lawyers/rescue personnel/hospitals I assume it'll get cancelled soon.  I enjoy how wrong I've been about Glee so far.

But these two interviews solidify my love of actor Chris Colfer. Adorable and really really funny.
watch them after the jump

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Alia said...

Also, Chris is from Clovis, which is to Fresno (where I moved from) as Beaverton is to Portland. Which means that we likely did theatre with the same people. But, I teach college and he's famous. He may have gotten the better deal.