Robert Pattinson Naked (ish).

Edward Cullen-meh- Twilight's Robert Pattinson is something of a sex symbol it seems. He does nothing-AND I MEAN NOTHING for me, but I know so many people out there find him hot so here ya go folks the boy behind the fangs. Seminude-to nude(ish) if he's your cuppa enjoy.


Severin Wrights said...

GOD KNOWS I detest the whole Twilight culture. And yeah he's a sex symbol if you're a 15-year-old goth kid (or somebody with that kind of brain). But the one in the red undies is pretty hot in a twink sort of way, which I have nothing against. I thought he was hot in HP4 but the whole Twilight thing needs to fucking not exist anymore. And that's how Sav C's it. Ooooooh Glee reference!

Severin Wrights said...

BTW what do you have against twinks? It seems like you don't like any of them: this dude, Zefron, the other British dude in the new HP movie...etc.

Anonymous said...

Alas, he has a kind of dorky good looks--harder to visualize him as a supremely calm vampire when he opens his mouth ;).

Twilight. I did read the first few books just to see.. yes, they ARE annoying, poorly written and awash in a bizarre misogyny.