Fashion Fashion Fashion.....

OK so by now everyone who doesn't live under a rock has seen this video. I, of coarse, am totally in love with it. I was afraid she would suffer a sophomore-slump but now have faith that this album will do even better than the last.
My friend Jon over at GayCondo will probably disagree with me, but he may surprise me as well, since we are on the polar opposite ends of "Fashion". This is also due to the fact that I am unable to comprehend the appeal of yet another pair of pointy brown shoes. Jon is able to see this value. I, on the other hand, am in need of Bigger and Better when it comes to clothes. This video is stuffed with fashion that makes my creative side tingle with orgasmic anticipation. Everything from Leigh Bowery to Grace jones to Silent Hill can be seen here in all its splendor. Take a few minutes and enjoy the inspiration to how I plan to redecorate my living room. Too much you say? NEVER!!!


Jon said...

everyone needs a pair of well constructed and sensible brown oxfords/chukkas/wing-tips/saddle shoes.

ps: Lady Gaga stole that whole thing from The Fifth Element.

Jon said...

pps: 90% of the clothes she wears are just bra/panty sets or fetish wear that has been around for ages!
The only interesting garment is those shoes that show up at 3:28, which are actually just Alexander McQueen heels from his Spring 2010 collection, and they are in practically EVERY fashion magazine right now, and have been for a while, which makes them not all that unique actually....

ppps: this video totally eroticizes the sexual trafficing of women. not cool.

pppps: LET'S DANCE!

Taylor said...

I disagree. lol. The gyroscope dress was not fifth element. of coarse that was Gaultier in his minimalist phase. lol Go check out Lee Bowery. Much love for that stuff.
Dancing when?