JAMES BOND himself: Daniel Craig Full Frontal (NSFW)

Daniel Craig is by far the most violent, vicious grizzled objectified man to play the iconic role of British superspy James Bond. I ean for decades of bond girls exploited for the male gaze who can forget, male female, gay , straight-Casino Royale and James Bond emerging from the surf. Here's a few more revealing (NSFW shots)

Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman are currently co-staring on broadway in "A Steady Rain"

Let's compare these two 40 year old men's beach bods and ..well...just feel a tad less adequate with ourselves.

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Severin Wrights said...

I hate that he got naked in all those movies BEFORE he did Bond, when he's the hottest in Bond. I bet he and Hugh work out together before the show, exchanging techniques and diet tips, then after the show they go out for a few beers before heading back to the hotel. "My place or yours?" Hugh asks. "Let's do it in the lobby," says Daniel. "It's not like anybody would stop us."