I love You, Martha Stewart

I have a soft spot for the domestic goddess of all things WASP-y. Her television show is delightfully awkward at times , some times down right mean. I love it. I really do. Don't even get me started on the anti-feminist/anti-woman backlash that landed her in jail. Ugh!
But listen to this brief bit she starts out talking about how we should al give back...and we should , yes It'a good thing. But then she is asked a question about Sarah Palin and watch the sparks fly earning her the I Love You post!

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Severin Wrights said...

I LOVE Martha and yeah her show is awkward at times, especially when you missed a step while cooking something then all hell broke lose. One time she couldn't get a cake out of the baking dish and totally lost control. Then another time she freaked out on her assistant-cook for changing the recipe of a frosting without telling her. It was hilarious and made me love her even more. This video is amazing. I love what she said about Palin.

PS. You need to clarify what you said about the "anti-feminist/anti-woman backlash that landed her in jail." I thought she was accused of fraud. I don't think anybody in this country goes to jail for being anti-women.