I love you, Dan Savage

It's been a while since I had an I love you, post and well, it's news to exactly no one that I love Dan Savage I've told him as much in person. But his recent comments to a question asked on the topic of the institution of marriage made me love him all over again.

My favorite quote sums up the opposition's argument nicely. "It's retarded!"

Same-Sex Marriage is on my mind a lot lately. In seven days, (not a reference to the death sentence from watching the cursed VHS à la Ringu/The Ring ) and I'll celebrate six years with the man I love. We can not marry federally, though we have a state sanctioned Registered Domestic Partnership, which for the low price of $60 bucks means we are a recognized couple with less rights than other couples who are not even recognized as a couple outside the state of Oregon.

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Unknown said...

Fuck yeah!!! I love Dan Savage too!