December 10th! Day without a Gay!

Here's an idea I whole heartedly agree with. Hit 'em where it hurts- their wallets!  I've long been a proponent of LGBT Americans refusing to pay taxes in civil disobedience against out lack of equality. Here's an even faster acting (instant gratification!) way to say "We are everywhere and deserve our rights" : a national Day Without A Gay.  Let's show the economic ramifications of being treated as second class citizens in this country. Call in Gay!

Here's a humorous example of what that day might look like:

Sadly I'm self employed so I call in Gay a lot.  But I'm definitely spreading the message and will take part in protests, rallies, and community outreach here in Oregon and nationally through Diggin' to China.

Here's a quick message from the founders of A Day Without A Gay

And here is a heartbreaking example of WHY this is important- shockingly this news story comes from Portland, OR (my current hometown) and involves OHSU, a hospital that I have worked extensively with in the past in documentary film work and where a dear close friend is an openly gay pediatrician.

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