Bad Lieutenant - Never Cry Another Tear

Bad Lieutenant are basically New Order without Peter Hook, no really, they are.  Their debut album Never Cry Another Tear is pretty much what I expected, more New Order in the vein of Get Ready and Waiting For The Siren's Call, without the thumping bass lines and with stronger guitar lines, but that's not a bad thing. The album is a solid minor New Order album, which is FAR better than the gluttony imitators of New Order which have clogged the airwaves for years. I don't love the video for the "Sink or Swim" lead single from Never Cry Another Tear but the track does feature Bernard Sumner's trademark ageless vocals which I adore. Joy Division evolved into New Order and it seems New Order has now evolved into Bad Lieutenant (I wish they had chosen a different name and not that of the stellar Abel Ferraras directed film)
The album does serve as a nice slap in Peter Hook's face that, while he'll be missed, they certainly can get along just fine without the notoriously disgruntled bass player.

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