Neoconservatives Cheer Chicago Loss

What the FUCK! I've been following this story for the past two days-well since I'm home bound recovering from the damn swine flu what else can I do- But this just blows my mind. We have truly lost our way in this country. Yesterday we lost our bid for the 2016 Olympic summer games to be hosted in Chicago. I've seen both sides of the argument on whether that was a blessing in disguise or not . I was there in Atlanta when it hosted the summer games-and a domestic terrorist attack. It's a economic and logistical nightmare to be the esteemed host city as much as it is an honor. That said neocon's in America , so rabidly consumed by their own isolation and self-espoused rhetoric, cheered our nation's loss as a failure on the part of President Barack Obama, even though the process to bring the Olympics to Chicago in 2016 began under former President Bush. The amazing Rachel Maddow does a better job of culling all the quotes together than I can at this our in my state so watch the clip below and BEHOLD, how far we have fallen. 84% of Americans wanted the Olympics to be held within out borders but globally as Rio takes the spotlight, what face to we show-petty spiteful insanity. I feel like we are edging closer to a civil war in this country. The marginalized minority of neoconservatives with their rancorous racist old money ideologies can not handle their sudden fall from grace and their feeling helpless, desperate. This is a powder keg awaiting a spark, beware. You can not reason with willful ignorance, something my mom always used to say. She is right.

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Megan Cline said...

You made a really good point that I didn't think about in that it is an economic and logistical nightmare to host the games. I think in Utah when they hosted the winter games had to build brand new stadiums and the Olympic Village from scratch. I find it interesting that the conservatives were calling it Obama's loss because he didn't get the games. I saw it as him using his noteriety (as President) to try to help get the games. If Bush was President, would they be saying he failed as a President for not getting the games? Doubtful. I really liked the clip you included. Especially when Davis said if Obama didn't do anything, people would be complaining that Obama did nothing to get us the games.