Globalization Today! And Twitter Creep Corvallis!

Hey wow, thanks! Here's a look at my last 100 readers all from today! Thanks guys, I've gone totally global! For those looking for THINK/FEEL my NSFW (Not Safe For Work) art site go here THINK/FEEL.
(Beware there is much male nudity which may offend your delicate sensibilities)

It also doesn't mean I'll fuck you... Some guy I don't know contacted me via yahoo messenger through the blog (that access has since been disabled -sorry folks) and when I shot him down he apparently Twittered about me. Well, um gee, thanks for the free promotion on Twitter, I guess. Apparently living in a different city than a creepy admirer makes me a prude? Or was it that I wouldn't pose and send him private photos that he asked for? I love my readers, but I'm full up on crazy and am not currently buying at this time.

  1. I mean, gee whiz, folks. If youre going to post artsy fartsy nude as well as quasi-pornographic pics of yourself online, dont be a hipocrit
  2. Whats up w/ guys like Andrew Klaus who post borderline pornographic self-pics in blogs, but are all prude?

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Anonymous said...

What's up with backwoods honkies who blame everyone else when their perv gets shut down?

I would be surprised if this guy isn't on a registry.