Adam Lambert

A lot of people were groaning at Adam Lambert's HETERO-RIFFIC photo shoot with a nude FEMALE model, well worry not gaybies. Here's your first look at the cover of his up-coming debut Album For Your Entertainment. Well no feigning middle of the road straight-acting gay vibe there, glammed up and photoshoped like an aging pop star (Cough-madonna-Cough) Lambert is rocking Mac cosmetics and blue hair on the cover. Let's see if he sounds as good as he looks.


Severin Wrights said...

Ew no. You call that look good? Madonna's photoshop artists are much more skilled than that! This looks like it's done by some gay nerd in high school in the 80s!

Severin Wrights said...

Okay I'm having a second thought about this. Maybe I have no right to judge how artists want to represent themselves. If they want to be suuuuuper gay it's their choice. I should not hate them for not being butch. Maybe this is a political statement: I'm femme and super proud. I bet some people are into that too. Okay I get it.