Oh Fuck You, Teabaggers

Teabagger- No no not THAT kind of tea bagging- I mean the new anti-Obama neoconservative ultra fanatical right-wing "grass roots" movement named for the unfortunately Boston Tea Party, who claim to be against taxation but really don't even seem to know WHAT they are protesting and hold up idiotic barely literate signs like the one above (see more at the awesome Look At This Fucking Tea Bagger) watch in horror (or unintentional humor) below at this faction of "Red Blooded Americans"

(video via New Left Media)

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Anonymous said...

Of course.. most of these people--I'm still watching--have no idea what they are talking about. So far I've heard about the stimulous (a program started by republican president Bush), taxes raised--he hasn't, out with commies/socialists and govt healthcare, yet medicare is a govt. program.