Miracle Cat (warning GRAPHIC!)

Extremely graphic injured animal pics below but rest assured
Brownie survived and is making a 100% full recovery!

Someone is going to special hell. Dillon Eads, 83, like any owner of a missing beloved family pet feared the worst when his cat Brownie was missing for three days. Nothing could have prepared him for Brownie's miraculous return and survival. Brownie had been shot with a Thirteen inch aluminum arrow, thankfully it missed his eyes and skull. Which is shocking considering the extremely graphic pics below. Read the whole heartbreaking story here. Vets were able to remove the arrow and Brownie has no lasting harm and is making a full recovery!
The asshole who did this however remains at large. :(

I chose to show this because I'm so sick of reading these horrific animal cruelty stories and I'd like to ask my readers if it is at all within your means to donate to the ASPCA or your local Humane Society.

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