The Danish Girl (2010) dir. Tomas Alfredson

Nicole Kidman is stepping to star in The Danish Girl. Based on the novel by David Ebershoff The Danish Girl is the true story of danish painter Einar Wegener (Nicole Kidman) who in 1931 underwent the first sex change operation and become Lili Elbe. Sadly, Lili Elbe died in 1932 from complications from her fifth surgery to build her a working uterus so she could bear children. The film is being drected by teh absolutely brilliant Tomas Alfredson as his follow up to the Swedish cinematic masterpiece Let The Right One In. The novel , based on the true story is at it's heart a remarkable love story that deals withe the essential question of long term love, what do you do when the person you love begins to grow and change over time, can you love survive? While it's not everyone's experience for their partner to suddenly change their gender every coupling must endure change, from aging, and the gaining and loosing of weight, the births and deaths of families and it's in that challenge that real lives are forged together. Change is never easy, but it's inevitable and necessary and sometimes it's even worth dying for.

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Severin Wrights said...

God I hope it's good. This could be another Oscar for her. Is it low-budget?