Theirry Mugler Naked?! Too Funky for me.

Strasbourg born French designer Theirry Mugler is used to his eclectic couture collections turning heads (who can forget his fashions for George Michael's Too Funky video-the motorcycle dress alone! Ah-mazing) he even designs costumes for the likes of Cirque du Soleil's sexed up adult themed show Zumanity and the upcoming Beyoncé tour Lately however it's a leaked nude candid self-portrait turning heads more than his 2009/2010 mens wear collection.

When did fashion designers all start looking like smarmy leather daddies (newlywed Marc Jacobs- I'm sooooo looking at you) ? Seriously. So here's the pic:

What's your thoughts folks? yeah yeah, big cock, so what, he's not the only one- I'm mesmerized by his face-lifted beyond-taunt mug, the suction pumped nipples, the veins, the tan... honey even being française can't make that attractive at your age.
But I do want to sincerely thank Monsieur Mugler for his nude pic because -hey it gave me an excuse to post George Michael's Too Funky!!!

Merci beaucoup!


Unknown said...

That burning smell is what is left of my lashes after my eyes burst into flames! Thanks Andrew...thanks a lot!


Anonymous said...

um, his disgusting bloated pig skin looking penis looks all blurred. like bad photoshop. also, he is wearing socks with sandals. unforgivable. this makes me rethink my entire world of sexuality and think maybe nuns don't have it so bad. thank you for scaring my minds eye. can you please poke it out now. lol