Obama and You

Clearly the honey moon is over, but as LGBT activists and advocates contemplate how to proceed and put pressure on the White House for equality I think we should put the pressure on our LGBT COMMUNITY. Let me be clear- you want full and equal rights? Get off your (politically) lazy gym-toned asses, park your Subaru, and demand them. WORK for them. Protest, rally, and earn them! Writing a check and whining over brunch is no longer enough. Sorry folks. It's not. You want "hope"? We need to give it to each other and to ourselves. Step up , step forward and stand strong. Instead of organizational and personal backbiting lets remember that we are due our constitutional rights. File lawsuits demanding them, withhold your taxes, boycott, letter write, protest take it to the streets. The drag queens and dykes of Stonewall threw bricks in the street and took us all out of the closet, Harvey Milk walked proudly , head held high in the street- not just on a nice summer drunken Pride weekend, but everyday-demanding not acceptance,not tolerance no- EQUALITY. Quit your bitchen- I'll see ya in the streets.

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