OK so what's with all the gay? My mother recently remarked my site was too gay (which was really cute of her actually so no worries I knew what she meant) - and here I thought it was getting too British. So I set out to find a bunch of unrelated gayness while I was waiting for some film to render in FCP. So basically this is not remotely safe for work

Origin of GAY?

In case you were wondering, here's a nice education in homosexuality and science in handy dandy cartoon form.

Gay God?
And this I don't understand Gay God is his VLOG name ... and not my type at all, but I know our buddy Jon will find him both annoying and adorable so I thought I'd share.

ANNNNNND Voice of Reason Wanda Sykes on GAY marriage.

GAY porn...... NSFW
Max Delong lives up to his name in the most frightening piece of Gay Porn I've seen in a while. seriously- monster cock, but i have to say the bottom is super cute and I feel sorry for him actually.

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jon said...

he reminds me of Bridget from The Girls Next Door.
and yes, i find him irritating AND adorable.